Welcome to Apple Tourz

Apple Tourz specializes in travel management with heart. Our core mission is respect and care – among all human beings, living entities, and the natural environment. We want to foster genuine understanding and reciprocity between travelers and our local communities, sharing the humanistic values and responsibility between respected guests and the people who are hosts in your trip. We strive to uphold sustainable and Eco-friendly travelling practices, so that we keep the balance between global cosmopolitan sensibilities and connection with and respect for all the animals, plants, and natural resources that we coexist with in this journey of life.

We are based in Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, the gateway between China, Central Asia, and Pakistan. We have lovingly crafted each travel itinerary so that you can experience the best that our homeland has to offer. Come and be amazed by the natural splendor of the mountains, the dazzling arts and diverse ways of life, the warmth of our people. Experience Pakistan, and experience life afresh!