About US

Apple Tourz is founded by a group of youth community activists from Hunza who are passionate about elevating the lives of our community, and taking up the opportunity of travel management to introduce the world and our homes to each other through responsible cultural exchange. Hunza has been the crossroads of civilizations since ancient times, and in this global age, more than ever, it is an enchanting place where people from every culture and background can meet and feel our lives change through this encounter. We want to be at the forefront in helping travellers discover and explore new worlds: the magnificent natural splendors of mountains and rivers, forests and deserts, and the ingenious ways of life and culture, art and architecture, food and music, developed and transmitted by the people living in these environments. On top of all this, it is the tremendous love that the local people shower upon guests that is often the most life-rewarding experience for travelers in Pakistan.

We want to be the bridge to facilitate travellers gain intimate understanding and interaction with the local community, as well helping the local community benefit through meeting new people and ideas. We strive to find the balance of preserving the pristine beauty of our home and sharing it with visitors. We care deeply about conservation of our natural environment, and endeavor to bring Eco-friendly practices to all our tours, softening our footprints on this planet. Our seasoned guides have years of professional touring experience and wisdom, and our younger guides will enliven your travels with vigor, passion, and cosmopolitan sensibility